Sabbat Magick


The holidays are over and the long second half of winter is before us.  The skies are filled with shades of white and gray without even a hint of blue.  Yet even so, something stirs beneath the frost and layers of snow.  The cold whispers of awakenings not quite discernible, murmuring under heavy downpours, storms and blizzards.

For like the groundhog deep within its burrow, the earth is active, changing, warming and seeding with new life.  Spring approaches and we are enlivened by the lengthening days and subtle movement sweeping across the land.

The powerful portal of Imbolc is upon us . . . shaking us out of our sleep-ridden, wintery hibernation.  The snows are now melting and the darkness gives way to emerging Light.  And once again the sun begins to shine.

Feeling sluggish? Even the best of us can feel down and out of sorts during the remaining cold months. But perhaps we have just that little touch of magick needed to cast off winter’s gray shroud. So lighten up! Let our Snowball Imbolc Candle uplift your spirit.

Darkness wanes; slowly, almost unnoticed, the days grow longer and the cold, pink sunsets come later. For many, after the winter holidays, this is often the darkest time of year. Now is the time to light a candle against the darkness, literally or figuratively. Our enchanted candle is designed to please the senses and inspire the soul. It is perfect for all of the season’s conjuring or simply to bring a touch of warmth and magic into your home on a cold wintry night. Light and delight in the waning bitter frost.

Imbolc is just around the corner and–all to soon–these intoxicating Snowballs will melt away. To get yours in time for Imbolc, order now to get your all-inclusive candle, embedded with trinkets and treasures, oils and herbs.

$20.00 + S/H