Wheel of the Year Candle Club



As an introductory incentive you’re invited to join Sticky Wickets© Candle Enchantments with Flare’s Candle Club.  For those of you who would like to have the appropriate candle(s) delivered to you in time for each of the Sabbats, here’s a way of doing just that!   Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive the appropriate candle one to two weeks before each Sacred Day.   You will have paid in advance, so it will be like getting a gift in the mail eight times a year!

The entire set of Sabbat candles is $146.00.  Domestic postage for the complete collection is $40

(International postage may vary).

If you’re interested in joining, simply email me at: ifthebroomfits@comcast.net, subject Sticky Wickets, for further information. 

Be one of the first ten (10) to join and receive a surprise gift!